Waikiki Beach Services

Waikiki Beach ServicesWaikiki Beach Services was originally founded in the year 1955. The company was created with a clear mission to deliver first-class, quality water experiences to each and every visitor that came to Waikiki through something that was unheard of at the time – interaction with the legendary Waikiki Beach Boys.

The Waikiki Beach Boys are a special group of water-men that are licensed in all levels of surf handling provided by the State of Hawaii including surf lesson instruction, outrigger canoe rides, stand up paddle lesson instruction, and catamaran sailing.

Our Commitment at Waikiki Beach Services

Today, we are still committed to staying true to the original mission that our company was founded upon. Each and every day, our staff is focused and committed to providing exceptional customer service to all of our visitors as well as providing a first-class water activity experience.

We offer a variety of some of the best activities in Waikiki that you can experience first hand. No matter what your skill level, we encourage all visitors to take part in the water activities that have helped shape some of the current culture and popular trends of the water sports in Hawaii.

The current activities and services we provide (click on any of the activity links below to read more about them):

Last, but not least, we put our customer’s safety above everything else. All of our current surfing instructors are licensed by the state of Hawaii and fully trained in CPR and other life-saving techniques.

Our Philosophy and Continued Mission at Waikiki Beach Services

Throughout the years since our founding, Waikiki Beach and the surrounding landscape have continued to transform and change to meet the needs of the world. However, we are proud to say that although things around us have changed and continue to do so, our philosophy and mission here at Waikiki Beach Services has remained – and will continue to remain – the same since our beginning in 1955:

“To foster a love for the water and to deliver a world-class experience for all visitors to this special place.”