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Meet the Waikiki
Beachboys & Beachgirls

Ted Bush, Owner

Ted “Teddy” Bush was born in Kapahulu and raised in Waikīkī from the age of 5. Teddy’s grandfather, Kim Wai, was one of the original members of the Hui Nalu Surf Club, a group of watermen based at the Moana Hotel, who excelled at swimming, surfing and kanikapila (i.e. informal jam sessions). The Surf Club was a forerunner to the group of Waikīkī watermen who would eventually be known as simply, the Waikīkī Beachboys.

While growing up, surfing became a large party of Teddy’s life—finding any excuse to head to the beach, he spent much of his free time learning the art of surfing the waves and reading the water from the Waikiki Beachboys.

Teddy went on to attend UCLA, leaving behind Waikīkī and the surf he loved so much. The time spent away from his beloved Waikīkī was too much, and after a year in L.A., Teddy returned home to Hawaiʻi where he began working with Waikīkī Beach Services. Under the tutelage of master canoe steersman, Alex Apo, Teddy became the youngest person to qualify for and earn the rank of 1st Canoe Captain. Teddy then went on to take over Waikīkī Beach Services and continues to run it to this day–the longest running beach service and surf school in Waikīkī.

The canoe and canoe steering is Teddy’s passion, he has spent numerous hours in the canoe honing his skills. Between himself, and a few other dedicated, canoe-loving Beachboys, they founded the “Waikīkī Beachboys Canoe Club”—a non-profit canoe racing team that participates in the sprint and long distance canoe races around and between the islands. Teddy and his teammates were able to fund the canoe club thru the generous donation of all the friends they had made while working on the beach.

Teddy spent over 50 years working on Waikīkī Beach, teaching future generations of watermen the arts of surfing and canoe steering. Teddy is currently retired from the water but enjoys knowing that his legacy and love of Waikīkī beach lives on.

Our Staff

Traci Bush


Traci has been officially working with Waikīkī Beach Services since 2008 (unofficially since 1982). Growing up, she spent most of her childhood down at Waikīkī beach with her father, Teddy, hanging out with the Waikīkī Beachboys. Some of her earliest memories are of being on the outrigger canoe and surfing the waves with her father. Traci is passionate about the history and background of Waikīkī and the Waikīkī Beachboys, which led her to assist in co-creating the annual May Day Waikīkī event, an event that honors Waikīkī Beachboys past and present.

Traci is a board member of the Waikīkī Beach Special Improvement District, Waikīki Improvement Association, and Waikīkī Advisory Committee and is the proud co-owner of Waikīkī Beach Services.

Lauren A.

Brand Manager & Graphic Designer

Lauren has been working for WBS since 2010, first as a store manager at our Waikīkī Beachboy Stores, then as the senior buyer for the entire company. Lauren is now the key member in leading our brand strategy and head graphic designer. Lauren is an avid surfer and water woman and is passionate about keeping our oceans and reefs clean. She donates her time to Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii and continues to educate our company on ways to keep green.

Miwa O.

Customer Relations Manager

Miwa has been our “boots-on-the-ground” for many years, leading the charge on the marketing & public relations for Waikīkī Beach Services. She also handles our client and guest requests personally and is most likely who you will speak to if you call or email us! Miwa is a native Japanese speaker and plays an integral role in working with our Japanese markets and clients. She has a strong background in sales and marketing that are a tremendous asset to the company.

Mike K.

General Manager WBS

Mike is a certified surf instructor and second canoe captain; he has been teaching surf lessons in Waikīkī for over two decades, and is one of the most experienced and professional watermen in Waikīkī. Mike has been managing our beach services since 2007; in 2014 he was promoted to manager of our largest endeavor: the beach & pool services at the Sheraton Waikiki and is now oversees the entire WBS operation as General Manager.

Chuck V.

Beach & Pool General Manager (Royal Hawaiian)

Chuck has been an institution at the Royal Hawaiian pool and beach for the last 20 years–he is by far, the most complemented and asked for employee at WBS. His natural, easy-going attitude and ability to make everyone feel like a friend is why so many guests return year after year to our Royal Hawaiian location. Chuck also holds his second captain canoe license and was an avid paddler for the Waikīkī Beachboys Canoe Club in his youth.

Waikīkī Beachboys & Beachgirls

waikiki beach surf lessons a group of people on a beach

These passionate and talented folks make up the beachboys and girls of Waikīkī Beach Services. They handle everything from the daily operations, reservations and surf lessons. They are the true backbone of the company!