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Private Surf Lessons Waikīkī

Quick Details

Price per Person
Party 4 to 5 people - per person, min 4 max 5 to book
Trio 3 people - per person, min/max 3 to book
Duo 2 people- per person, min/max 2 to book
One-On-One Just you!

“E He’enalu Kākou” (Let’s Surf!) with the Royal Hawaiian Waikīkī Surf Lessons

Waikīkī Beach Surf Lessons from a Waikīkī Beachboy are a must-do while visiting Waikīkī. The sandy ocean bottom and gentle, rolling waves make it an ideal place to learn the Hawaiian art of heʻenalu, or “board sliding”. From absolute beginners/novices to experienced wave riders, our Beachboys can tailor a surfing Waikīkī Beach experience that is safe, comfortable and FUN for everyone!

Note: all of our Waikīkī Beachboys are lifeguard and CPR certified and must pass vigorous licensing requirements in order to become a surf instructor with Waikīkī Beach Services.