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AARON: Eye of the Artist

Written by Conor Lyden

Among all the friendly beachboys at Waikiki Beach Services, there is one who will undoubtedly restore even the greatest pessimist’s faith in humanity. You can always expect Aaron Char to tend to the needs of the beach, the morale of his co-beachboys, and of course, the relief and comfort of our guests.

Aaron has spent the last 15 years working on the sand and in the water of Waikiki Beach. Whether he is paddling an outrigger canoe or teaching a surf lesson, Aaron always has your best interest and experience at heart. Aaron sets the example for hospitality and in doing so teaches us a valuable lesson: to show unconditional aloha.

With the heart of a Hawaiian, Aaron will do everything in his power to benefit the happiness and health of the people and environment around him. Through good deeds and beach cleanups with Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii, Aaron will bring nourishment to your mana (energy) and the ʻāina (land) without the expectation for anything in return. Aaron has a talent for seeing the best and the beautiful in the people and places around him. Fortunately for us, Aaron shares his talent and perspective through art.

Aaron’s artwork uses strong lines and colors to emphasize the unique characteristics of the environment, structures, and people significant to his beachboy lifestyle. His artwork reminds us that the differences in our appearance and personality are what make us strong as individuals and even stronger when working together.

Aaron’s circle of friends stretch around the world. Many began as visitors and guests at Waikiki Beach Services, and some have been lucky to share a cold beer with him off the clock. The luckiest few are proud owners of an Aaron Char print. Those few are luckiest because they will always own a window to a glowingly optimistic Hawaiian paradise envisioned through the eyes of the artist.

Check out Aaron’s artwork: ART – Waikīkī Beachboy Store (




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