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Stand-Up Paddleboard Lessons

Quick Details

Private Group SUP Lessons:
Private Group Lesson (2-5 Students per Instructor) Ages 13+
One-on-One Private Surf Lessons:
Private Lesson (1 Student per Instructor) Ages 13+

Waikiki Beach Stand-Up Paddleboard Lessons

Stand up paddling, or SUP, is becoming one of the fastest-growing water sports. Because of its ideal conditions, Waikiki is one of the best places to take a stand-up paddling lesson. We offer beginner and advanced lessons for anyone who is interested in trying out this unique hybrid sport that is a cross between surfing and canoe paddling.

Beginner SUP lessons cover the fundamentals of balancing, paddling, and turning on a stand-up paddle board. You may see a turtle or two while paddling over the reef—so keep an eye out! Advanced lessons, for those who are already comfortable on a SUP board, teach you how to catch and surf waves.

We offer both private group and private one-on-one lessons. SUP lessons are conducted daily; see lesson times below.