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SISTA KAʻUI: Miss Aloha

Written by Conor Lyden

Beachgirl Sista Kaʻui, Queen of the Sheraton Waikīkī Diamond Head beach desk, sits atop a mighty kiosk throne, towering over her red umbrellas. Under her reign she has refined her crew to keep the beach in polished and professional order. Kaʻui welcomes anyone and everyone to her beach which earns her the title of “Miss Aloha” by coworkers and guests, though nobody is above a slap on the wrist if they become inconsiderate of others. Kaʻui is a responsible leader and prioritizes her duties while on the clock. When she’s off the clock, Kaʻui celebrates her freedom in the water. Kaʻui is a beachgirl as true as they come. She has been in the water her whole life and on a board since 6 years old. Kaʻui started with bodyboarding, taking after her mother who is a bodyboarder and is still chasing south swells at 60! After school and on weekends, so long as she wasn’t training for or competing in swimming or water polo, you’d find Kaʻui at Walls, an exclusive break for bodyboarders off the corner of Kalākaua and Kapahulu Avenue. Kaʻui remembers the beach full of family and friends, many who were willing to let her borrow a board to practice with in the water.

It wasn’t until 8 years ago, after starting at Waikīkī Beach Services, that Kaʻui would begin teaching herself how to surf with a beach full of new and old friends and family. Kaʻui now surfs at Pops, Puakenikenis, or Canoes, rain or shine. She is also very talented at leading standup paddleboard lessons and is expecting to begin teaching surf lessons soon. In addition to working on the beach at Waikīkī Beach Services, Kaʻui also spends time on the poolside working as City and County Lifeguard. Utilizing her own experience and her professional knowledge of the ocean, Sista Kaʻui delivers a very reliable eyewitness surf report every Sunday, Monday, and Wednesday on the Waikiki Beach Services Instagram. In her surf report, the bubbly “Miss Aloha” explains the weather, tide, and wind forecast for the day while also giving her own recommendations. Rain or shine, with the tide high or low and the surf big or small, Sista Kaʻui will paddle out to experience the surf for herself.

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