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History of Alaia

Made from carved Koa Wood and sometimes Ula wood, the Alaia was the first type of surfboard made in the 6th Century. The beginnings of surfing were brought to Hawaiʻi when the first Polynesian settlers arrived 300 AD. This was the precursor to the modern surfboard and defined a whole culture of heʻe nalu or surfing. By using adzes (blunt carved stone)  and rough coral heads ancient Polynesians carved and sanded making a 7-8 foot long buoyant board, these boards were not only thick but also very heavy (most alaia weigh over 100 lbs), gaining control of these finless boards (lala is the surf style specified for alaia board surfers) was a talent seen by some of the first very skilled and athletic surfers. a person holding a surf board in front of a mountain

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