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Stand-Up Paddleboard Lessons

Quick Details

Price per Person
Party 4 people- per person
Trio 3 people- min/max 3 to book
Duo 2 people - $120 per person, min/max 2 to book
One-On-One Just you!

Stand-Up Paddle Boarding at Waikīkī Beach

Experience stand-up paddleboarding at Waikīkī beach (SUP boarding) with easy and accessible rentals and stand up paddleboard lessons at the Sheraton Waikīkī, Hawaiʻi.  The calm waves and gentle winds of this area make learning a breeze.

We offer BEGINNER and ADVANCED stand up paddling lessons for anyone that is interested in trying out this unique growing water sport that takes the best from surfing and canoe paddling and combines them!

Beginner SUP lessons will cover the fundamentals of balancing, paddling and turning on a stand up paddle board. The reef is filled with so much natural beauty and wildlife that’s amazing to witness while you paddle board Waikīkī. Advanced lessons, for those who are already comfortable on a SUP board, will learn how to catch and surf waves. Stop by the Sheraton Waikīkī to get started!