Waikiki Beach Services – About the company

Waikiki Beach ServicesWaikiki Beach Services was originally founded in the year 1955. The company was created with a single core mission – they wanted to deliver an exciting and culturally-rich experience to all visitors of Waikiki Beach by providing them a means of interacting with the Waikiki Beachboys.

Waikiki Beach Services Company History

The company was officially formed in 1955 as a proprietorship. Ted Bush was one of the original employees, but eventually took over several of the contracts for the hotels on the beach and renamed his company Waikiki Beach Services, Inc. in 1977. In 1989, Ted sold the company, but returned to the beach in 2002. Then, in 2003 he organized again under the company name of Waikiki Beach Services, LLC.

About The Owner of Waikiki Beach Services

Waikiki Beach Services ownerTed Bush was born in Kapahulu and raised in Waikiki from the age of 5. He attended several schools in Waikiki until 7th grade where he was accepted into Kamehameha.Ted’s grandfather, Kim Wai, was one of the original Hui Nalu “Surf Club” members along with many famous others including the Kahanamoku’s.

Since the only surfing contest available when Ted was growing up was the Makaha International Surfing Contest, he never entered surfing competitions. However, Ted is no average surfer. He has an unparalleled knowledge of the water and its surf breaks, and not only has he surfed every spot on the South Shore (mostly off of Waikiki Beach), he also spent much time surfing the famous Haleiwa break on the North Shore as well as Makaha. At the time of his 18th birthday, he was officially employed and started working for Waikiki Beach Services.

Ted’s passion and love is outrigger canoe surfing. At the young age of 21, the youngest age permitted, Ted achieved the title of First Captain – the highest level attainable. He has served on many ad-hoc and advisory committees overseeing canoe surfing and surfing in general related to Waikiki Beach.

Ted was also the first officially appointed adviser to the state to test for new and renew licenses for surfing instructors and canoe operators. Recently, Ted has been re-appointed along with 6 other members. This board is the sole committee responsible for issuing and revoking surfing licenses.

Ted was also one of the original founders of the Waikiki Beachboys Canoe Club aka W.B.B.C. The original mission of the W.B.B.C was to create a formal and competitive outrigger canoe racing team made up of and funded only by the Waikiki Beachboys that would compete in long distance outrigger canoe races. After many successful long distance campaigns, the team expanded into a full canoe club so that they could include women and children and take part in the annual regattas.

Ted, along with fellow Beachboys Bob Nagatani and Moku Kamaka, created the Beachboy Classic canoe long distance race which features “iron man” paddling – long distance racing without any crew changes.

The idea behind the Beachboy Classic was to have a long distance race that was spectator friendly. The course was right in front of Waikiki laid out in a triangle format. This allowed anyone to watch the race without inconvenience, and also enabled limitless crews from any association the experience of competing. Also, the calm waters that are off Waikiki made the race safe for all ages and allowed for a great competition with the exclusion of rough water rigging.

Today, Waikiki Beach Services continues to stay true to it’s original mission and allows everyone that comes to Waikiki to interact and experience some of the best activities in Waikiki such as surf lessons, outrigger canoe rides, and stand up paddling with the Waikiki Beachboys.